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Wow it’s official – I am a full-time ENTREPRENEUR! Last week, I closed a chapter of my life from being an employee in the corporate world! Was it nerve-wracking? YES! Do I feel like a weight has been lifted off me? YES! Am I excited? YES!

I’ve been dreaming of this day for a long time and it’s finally here. Sometimes if I ever doubt myself, I look at my sweet baby boy and instantly feel at peace and knowing he is my why! Why did I leave my stable and cozy job of 4 1/2 years and 6 years with the government? My little one is my why, who pushes me harder every day to run and operate my successful business. As I’m typing this with him laying in my arm, I am simply amazed at what God has created for my family.

Do I know there are going to be challenges with being a full-time entrepreneur? YES! I’ve already faced 4 major ones before being committed to being a full-time entrepreneur.

The first being, little did I know that one of my major clients would scale back on my provided services, but it turned out to be a blessing because it left room for God to open 3 new doors for my business – 3 NEW clients within 30 days. Truly “when one door closes, another one will definitely open”. I have seen this with my own eyes throughout my life.

The 2nd challenge was FINANCE! There is no fun in having a business and struggling with money at the same time. However, God gave me tools for me to become financially debt free starting in October 2015 (the purchase of our first home). My husband and I started with $53,000 worth of debt including 2 car payments, 6 different student loans and 1 outstanding medical bill. Within 16 months, we paid $45,000 worth of debt. Both of our cars and student loans are PAID OFF! Now there is only $8,000 left which will be paid off by the end of this year.

A 3rd challenge was savings. I knew knocking out our debt was important, but I knew having an emergency savings fund was important as well. So while we adamantly put money down to get rid of loans we also built up 6 months of emergency savings.

My 4th and final challenge was building a great support system – family, friends and mentors. Being a virtual entrepreneur can get lonely, however, I have surrounded myself with great peers and we all are cheering each other on. My husband has been my greatest supporter and I am lucky to have parents and sisters that continually give me encouraging words of wisdom.

Recently, being the Chamber of Commerce’s newest member has additionally provided me with support. I surround myself with other entrepreneurs who constantly give me advice and push myself harder to succeed.

Regardless of the challenges, God reminds me of MY PURPOSE. This new journey is exciting, nerve-wracking, and incredible, but most importantly it is MY DESTINY!

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