The graphic looks great! I love it! Thank for doing this. I love it!!! You are so good at what you do! Thanks a bunch

~Chou Gabikiny
Grace & Hope Consulting, LLC

Heavenly, helped me put all 500 business cards in my Customer Service Management (CRM) system. She was organized, gave a deadline and kept me updated throughout the project. She was very pleasant to work with. I now have all my emails in one system because of her.

Cherie Tew

James River Neighbors
Best Version Media

Heavenly, set up my scheduling software through calendly, because I had a lot of appointments I could not respond immediately to before. Now with the scheduling software she set up, gave me me more time on the other aspects of my business.

Jim Roman

Speaker, Trainer Consultant

Heavenly, worked as our Virtual Assistant in our Law Firm for over 7 months. She gave exceptional customer service to our customers by answering and returning calls. Scheduling our appointment and working with our bookkeeper. She always listened and gave helpful insight. She also spoke in a nice tone and was enjoyable to work with.
Edgar Ndjatou & Marcia
McCreeMcCree Ndjatou PLLC Law Firm